Monday, February 1, 2010

Community Food Bank

Since I am in Biro Kebajikan Masjid SU, I proposed for this.. hehe.. I've always wanted to do this as it is very succesful Program in the US.

"Ya Allah, semoga Kau bukakan hati2 masyarakat di Saujana Utama ini untuk sama2 datang menyumbang kepada projek ini supaya kami dapat membantu saudara2 Islam dikawasan kami."

Current Favourite Book

Get this book guys! love love love it :-D

To make it more sweet, I have signatures of my 4 bffs and also from Ustaz Zahazan on it!! Hehehe..

Year 2009

I am posting these here so I do not forget the happenings in 2009.

Project 1: Ramadan Drive

The purpose was to collect funds to help the selected Home with their Ramadan expenses.

We managed to collect 1 'Storm' load of food stuff, about RM4,000 in cash and we arranged for a meat supplier to supply meat and eggs for the whole month! A kind friend also made a goody bag (telekung for girls and kain pelikat for boys) for each of the kid at Pondok Raudah. We also brought KFC for lunch!

Project 2: Hari Raya Shopping w Kids of Rumah Limpahan Kasih, Puchong

We took 23 kids out to shop at Carrefour Alamanda & had a buka puasa feast at Burger King. We also gave them the Hari Raya goody bags that we did :-D

Here are the boys showing off their new watches!

Project 3: Goody Bags for Hari Raya

This is our best project so far. Initially we planned to make 150 bags for 3 Homes but we ended up making around 350 bags and managed to spread smiles across 10 Homes!

Project 4: Back to School: Early 2010 (originally scheduled for Dec 25th)

We took 31 kids from Rumah Amal Anak Yatim (YPIN) Banting to Alamanda to buy School Uniforms & Shoes, treated them to a Pizza Hut Lunch, sightseeing around Putrajaya via a double-decker bus courtesy of Odyssey Express.

A friend also sponsored a set of Faber Castel stationery set for them all.

So Alhamdullilah.. we created a lot of SMILES last year. InsyaAllah, may Allah give us His Blessing to do more this year. :-D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sometimes Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul;

HE breaks our heart to make us whole;

HE sends us pain so we can be stronger;

HE sends us failure to make us humbler;

HE sends us illness so we can take care of ourselves;

Sometimes Allah takes something away from us so we learn the value of everything HE has given us..

Allah Hu Akbar! Allah is Great!!

p/s: see.. didn't I tell you everything happens for a reason? :p

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year 2008

Today is the last day of December. It has been a very eventful year for me. Looking back, I thank Allah for His blessing in granting all the good things that had happened this year. Although I am not a pious servant to Him, He is always by my side.

In order for me not to forget them, I am listing down some of the major ones here.

1) My dearest sister’s wedding in May

2) My Bangkok trip with all my dearest friends in August

3) We managed to collect RM10k for our annual Ramadan donation drive in September

4) I got myself an automatic car in November

5) I performed my first Qurban through QurbanForLife program

6) We managed to collect RM6k for our 1st Back to School drive

But on top of it all, I am most thankful to HIM for giving me another year with my dearest beloved mom. Although we logged heads at times, I am still greatful for the opportunity.

Happy New Year, All !!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Cars....

Amongst my friends, I was the last one to own a car. In fact, I think I was also the last one to get a driving license. They sure don’t call me a late bloomer for nothing! :-)

Anyways, as I was driving back from the car service centre today, I suddenly remember the times when my friend Faz used to ferry me around in her mom’s two doors yellow Honda car before she bought her first car.

And Mimi, also drove us in her mom’s Daihatsu van, which was a very boxy looking van. Sometimes the rides could be bumpy but we sure didn’t mind!

And of course who could forget the time when Norin dropped the bomb on us by telling us that she has been driving without a license although she’s been driving (us!) for quite a while!

Gosh, all these seem like ages ago and so much had happened since then. For all the trials and challenges HE had brought upon us, today, we thank Allah for all his blessings too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Boys..

This is my beloved Tom aka Putih..

And this is my beloved Oren..

Holding them just takes all your stress away! If you love cats, that is :-)